Google Ads Task Automation

This project is a Python script that utilizes the Google Ads API to streamline and automate a process that originally consisted of 50 manual, complex steps. By transforming this process into an automated script, we have not only eliminated the risk of human error, but also saved approximately 30 hours each week.

Technologies Used:

  • Python for script functionality
  • Google Ads API for data collection and manipulation
  • Additional connections such as server queries

Key Features:

  • Time Efficiency: The automated script reduces the time spent on executing the weekly task significantly (approximately 30 hours saved).
  • Error Minimization: The script eliminates the risk of human error that may occur in the manual execution of the 50-step process.
  • Customizability: The script can be fine-tuned or modified to suit specific requirements. It's also designed with user-friendly features, allowing even non-technical marketing teams to run and modify the code.

This project demonstrates how automation can drastically optimize ad campaign management processes by freeing up team time. By automating repetitive tasks, the team now has the opportunity to focus on more strategic, valuable tasks. Organizations looking to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors in Google Ads management processes, and reallocate their resources to more meaningful work will find this tool particularly beneficial.